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GPS & Fleet Tracking Sales & Services

Our company provides some of the highest quality Global Positioning Systems equipment in Ohio and Florida. Our systems are unique, in that they do not require a monthly monitoring fee to watch your vehicles.

Tel: 855-479-8958

OH: 3880 Kettering Blvd.

Dayton, Ohio 45439

Tel: 954-774-9398

Emergency: 954-654-8571

FL: 501E. Las Olas Blvd.

Suite 200/300

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

These systems will save you an average of ten thousand dollars a year in monitoring. Our systems wirelessly transmit the stored data to a base antenna upon re-entry into the business area. This information is formulated and stored on any computer in your office. This information can then be viewed at your leisure.

GPS & Fleet Tracking Sales & Services

HS Investigations can provide certified and highly qualified divers to provide underwater recovery, evidence retrieval and property recovery. Our dive agents have been certified by the U.S. Military and have state-of-the-art dive equipment. Our agents will travel nationwide to provide these services and can arrive on scene within 72 hrs of your request.

Underwater Recovery
Underwater Recovery and Investigations

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HS Investigations specializes in polygraph test, personal protection, corporate protection, surveillance, background checks, electronic eavesdropping protection, litigation support and case assistance.


Call 855-479-8958 or 954-774-9398 for a free confidential consultation, or fill out our contact form.

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If you have a tenant who has skipped on his/her rent, or you have a contracted loan you are having trouble collecting on, give us a call. We have a no find, no fee service that is 99% effective. Find the person who has your money so they can be served the proper paperwork/summons.

Once we have located your skip, we can serve the skip for you to eliminate any hassles or chances they move again, before you can get them served. We are a one-stop locate and service company to minimize your efforts. Let us do the work for you, so you can finally get your money.

Skip Trace & Collections
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