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Private Investigators and More in Ohio and Florida

We are the leading Private Investigations,
 Detective & Security service providers in the Tri-state


A private investigator in Dayton, OH



As a client, an experienced investigator, who understands the sensitive nature of your case, will be assigned to it. Our equipped with private detectives shares a great deal of discretion. Regardless of the size of your case, your investigator ensures that your open investigation remains strictly secret. Our private investigative agency has over 75 years of investigation experience.



We provide private investigative services that provide our clients with solid evidence-based investigations. Our team of investigators has successfully undertaken many cases. Each time they produce the tangible evidence needed for court proceedings, contractual disputes, insurance fraud investigations, etc. for our customers. We work diligently to follow each track. We use only ethical and legal research techniques to establish the truth.



The HS Investigations is a licensed, bonded and insured investigation

agency that conducts all kinds of due diligence research, be it instances of infidelity, business espionage or insurance fraud. Our team will get for you the proof you need to mount your case.  

Contact HS Investigations today at 937-479-6628 for more information on reference checks, due diligence services or to make an appointment for a no-cost consultation .

Our private investigations and security services company, operating in the Tri-State areas that provides Internal Theft & Fraud InvestigationsDomestic Related Investigations, Pre-Employment Screening, People & Asset Locator, Landline and Cellular Services, Bank Account Locator and Financial Services.

HS Investigations provides superior, customized security programs to meet virtually any individual security need. Whether protecting priceless assets or human lives, HS Investigations takes great pride in its reputation as a trusted security firm.

HS Investigations can provide certified and highly qualified divers to provide underwater recovery, evidence retrieval and property recovery. We also offer GPS & Fleet Tracking sales and service.

Have a tenant who has skipped on his/her rent, or you have a contracted loan you are having trouble collecting on? Give us a call!


Our private investgations department, are trained and certified in covert surveillance techniques, undercover operations, interview and interrogations techniques, locating missing/wanted persons, computer forensics, conducting background checks for pre-employment, process service, conducting underwater recovery operations, installing & servicing GPS tracking systems, installing and servicing CCTV (Security Camera Systems), and conducting residential and business vulnerability assessments.


Our agents have over seventy-five years of law enforcement experience, U.S. military special operations experience and investigation experience to provide you with the best results for any type of investigation or security service you may need. Our staff attends numerous hours of training each year to maintain a high standard of quality for your security needs. Our agents are licensed by the Department of Homeland Security and our staff is professional, confidential, experienced and certified in all areas of expertise. If you are in need of service from a Private Investigator or Detective in the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky area, please call us today.



HS Investigations

Our agents have over 75 Years of Law enforcement experience, U.S. Military Special Operations experience & investigation experience

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